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Fuwa Fuwa - Golden Square

Located in an outdoor plaza, the goal is to introduce the cafe's modern and forward presence to an otherwise traditional and subdued area. It is neither a grab-and-go cafe place nor a sit-down restaurant. It exists in the intersection of the two, and thus aims to combine the visual aesthetics of both; the brightness of the youth-led culture and the solid steadfast quality of a classic eatery. All the while, the design infuses visual traits of Japanese design to reflect the Japanese style dessert that it serves. Visitors are greeted by the soft curve and bright yellow of the high canopy as it frames a modern temple-like structure. Light emanates from it, softly brightening all corners of the space. It is flanked by corridors on either side. By entering the side valleys, two experiences become available; the hustle and bustle of pancake flipping and the cozy feeling of being tucked away in a small pocket of space.

Location Toronto

Year 2021

​Photography: Scott Norsworthy

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