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Fuwa Fuwa - Windermere, Edmonton

At Fuwa Fuwa Pancake House, traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design to create an inviting atmosphere that enhances the culinary experience. The interior showcases a harmonious blend of rich wood textures and modern color schemes, highlighted by vibrant yellow accents. Expansive glazed facades maximize natural sunlight, enriching the space and reflecting the brand's innovative spirit. This thoughtfully designed environment not only complements Fuwa Fuwa's signature soufflé-like pancakes but also creates a joyful and welcoming setting, encouraging customers to savor the unique flavors in a setting that truly brings the brand to life.

Location Windermere Edmonton

Year 2022

​Photography: bb_collective

GH-Fuwa Fuwa-3.jpg
GH-Fuwa Fuwa-10.jpg
GH-Fuwa Fuwa-17.jpg
GH-Fuwa Fuwa-49.jpg
GH-Fuwa Fuwa-38.jpg
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