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about yimu.

Studio Yimu is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Toronto, Canada dedicated in transforming out-of-the-box ideas into extraordinary modern spaces. Our expertise focuses on finding the perfect balance between ingenuity, art and technology to create efficient and functional designs.  
Our team of professional designers will maximize the potential of your space, reflecting the desired atmosphere and message through unique elemental touches while ensuring that we honour the allocated budget. 
Become our client today and let us show you the different possibilities of you could do with your space!


A'Design Award & Competition 2023 | Fuwa Fuwa, Golden Square
Canadian Interiors - Best of Canada 2020 | Mujosh, Richmond Hill
A'Design Award & Competition 2020-2021 | Toronto Flagship Tea Shop
International Property Awards - Leisure Interior Canada 2020 | Real Fruit Bubble Tea
International Property Awards - Leisure Interior Canada 2020 | RiVis Hair & Nail



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